Dedicated Remote
Sales Team.

With CC.Talent's dedicated sales teams, you can easily break into new international markets. Looking to explore the U.S.? Our professionals will help you understand the local landscape and quickly respond to customer needs. Eyeing expansion in Asia? Our expertise in cultural nuances ensures a smooth market entry.

CC.Talent offers the flexibility to scale your team up or down based on your business needs. In just three weeks, you'll have a fully operational sales team ready to go.

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Ready to go in 3 weeks

Native English speakers

Representative & professional

Notice period of only 2 months

Why Opt for a Remote Sales Team?

Say goodbye to HR, recruitment, and daily operational concerns with our comprehensive sales outsourcing services.

Immediate access to an experienced and dedicated sales team.

Significant savings in costs and time.

Stay flexible and scale quickly based on your business needs.

Tap into international expertise and global reach.

Complete peace of mind in hiring, training, and managing the team.

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How does it work?

Our sales team is ready to go within 3 weeks, comprising at least 3 members, including a team lead and two senior sales reps. Upon request, we can also add more members to the team.

It's straightforward. After onboarding, our experienced team takes over your sales pipeline. This includes scheduling appointments, conducting discovery calls, trials, closing deals, and more.

Our outreach focuses on English-speaking markets such as the US, UK, AUS/NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Nordics, UAE, and Dubai.

Requesting the price list


Boost your sales and save big on costs.

Save costs
and time

Save up to 70% compared to local salaries. No additional costs for office space, training, and equipment.

Quality and
International experience

Our Filipino sales professionals are highly educated and fluent in English. They have experience in international markets and understand the dynamics of English-speaking markets and sales processes.

Fast and

Quickly scale up or down based on your business needs. Enjoy flexible working hours aligned with the time zones of your target markets.

Operational within
3 weeks

Operational within 3 weeks thanks to a streamlined recruitment process and clear onboarding. Enjoy reduced overhead and administrative burdens through remote work. And a notice period of only 2 months!
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