Corporate Social Responsibility. 

At CC.Talent, we actively contribute to the communities where we operate, aiming to make a positive impact. We are committed to not only provide work opportunities to every corner of the Philippines but we also concentrate on local initiatives that promote fair opportunities for everyone and emphasize education.

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Making an impact for a better world.

At CC.Talent, we are dedicated to driving change. By providing employment opportunities to highly skilled professionals in the Philippines, we transcend geographical boundaries. Our commitment extends to creating an open, transparent, and inclusive work environment, offering fair salaries, excellent working conditions, and supporting our employees' families.

Additionally, we support local communities by partnering with Precious Heritage Children's Home and the WWF anti-plastic project an our own initiative "Turning Pages, Changing Lives". 

Our own program

Turning Pages,
Changing Lives.

Through our heartfelt initiative, "Turning Pages, Changing Lives," we actively nurture a love for learning and knowledge, fully aware of the transformative power of education. This program provides books and interactive literacy activities to children who have limited financial resources.

We are passionate about fostering a genuine love for reading and learning. Together, we hope to create a brighter future for everyone.


The story behind CodingChiefs

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More about SDG


Sustainable Development Goals.

At CC.Talent, we align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the Member States of the United Nations. These goals aim to eradicate all forms of poverty, combat inequalities, and address climate change, all while ensuring no one is left behind. 

CC.Talent actively promotes decent work and economic growth, quality education, sustainable cities and communities, and good health and well-being. We are dedicated to providing full and productive employment and ensuring decent work for all in all corners of the Philipinnes. Through our initiatives, we contribute to a global movement committed to creating a fairer, more equitable world for everyone. Join us in supporting the SDGs and making a lasting impact.

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