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We are CC.Talent. You might recognize us as CodingChiefs. Since early 2024, we have been known as CC.Talent. As an ISO-certified outstaffing partner we pair companies with qualified professionals from the Philippines. We do this quickly, flexibly and for attractive prices. We help make remote teams as personal as possible.

CC.Talent is your partner for finding high-end professionals. Reliable and fully screened. Easily expand your team with experienced people ready to work with you.


What we stand for.

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Dedication to the profession, the people and finding the perfect match. Everything we do, we do out of passion.


This is one of our strengths. It is important that everyone understands why we do things the way we do them. We are fully transparent in our communication, including all aspects related to cost and margins.


The CC.Talent Group is a close-knit club of committed people. All our employees are highly involved, even while working remotely. Together we ensure growth, both in our work and towards each other and our clients.


We act swiftly - whatever the request. We understand the importance of flexibility and scalability. It allows to quickly adapt to changing demands, and scale workforces easily up or down. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to harness talent through global outsourcing. This way, companies and individuals never have to hold back on innovation and employment. By leveraging dedicated remote teams and outsourcing, we create a future where the best talent is quickly connected to organizations.

Our Vision

At CC.Talent, we strive for a revolutionized labor market freed from geographical constraints. We make physical and cultural boundaries disappear through strong recruitment, retention, and development policies, an open culture and a focus on top clients. We consistently deliver the highest quality and exceed client expectations.


The story of CC.Talent.


Where it all began

CC.Talent didn't appear out of nowhere. Our owners set up Nochii Online Marketing in 2012, a successful online marketing agency based in Amsterdam. What started with a strong focus on search engine marketing, quickly grew into a full marketing package for all our clients.


A new expertise: remote development

At Nochii, a major shortage of affordable developers in the Netherlands was identified. The company's strong ties with the Philippines, where there is a surplus of highly skilled developers, led to the creation of a new label: CodingChiefs.

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Full focus on CodingChiefs

After operating with a wide range of services for a long time, hyper-focus was needed. Nochii was sold to Happy Horizon Agency and all attention went to CodingChiefs, which continued as a separate company.

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CodingChiefs becomes CC.Talent

The demand for senior tech talent as well as the growing need for innovation in the digital world led to a needed expansion within CodingChiefs. And that even called for a revision of our own identity. To keep up with the changing needs of the market, we continued as CC.Talent: a name that reflects what we stand for even better.

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Original values, a fresh look ahead

The choice of the name CC.Talent is no accident. 'CC' refers to the old name 'CodingChiefs' and its enduring corporate values. 'Talent' emphasizes how important a good talent-match is. We are not just about technology and coding, we value people just as much! We expanded our range of services to include Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Staffing Services in Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe.

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You are in good company.


Our global community.

CC.Talent Philippines

CC.Talent The Netherlands

CC.Talent Germany

CC.Talent Singapore

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Social Responsibility. 



As an established company, we embrace the importance of giving back. In addition to providing excellent career opportunities in the Philippines, we actively engage with our local communities. At CC.Talent, we support several programs that support the families of our technical professionals. We have also successfully implemented various education and training projects in and around Manila, such as our “Turning Pages, Changing Lives” initiative.

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