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With CC.Talent we aim to solve the issue with the lack of good software development talent, many European countries are currently facing. We do this by tapping into the global talent pool with a focus on Asian countries and connecting the best talent available to clients in Europe, US and Australia. We hire the developers with our local entity and management, recruitment etc. is all done locally. We aim to give our developers premium benefits and salaries to ensure a long term employmentship and happy employees. This way, we create a setup where both parties benefit. Our clients can continue their growth and we provide high-level jobs, growth and finances to our employees.

Mission & vision

Mission: Provide a suitable software developer for clients within a month.

Vision: By retaining a strong recruitment, retention and development policy, stimulating an open culture and focussing on clients of the highest level, CC.Talent makes physical and cultural boundaries disappear and allow our developers to excel for the clients in both software development and innovation. Highest possible quality, exceeding client expectations and a healthy work/life balance are values of the utmost importance. Besides this, CC.Talent has attention for the environment surrounding the software developers and investing in local projects and people. Scope In order to optimize the processes and the quality of the output of the organization, the business operations of CC.Talent must be properly safeguarded and we will continue to optimize it. In addition, we find it important that our information security is at the highest possible level and that we continue to optimize it. To achieve this, CC.Talent has set up and implemented a management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-27001:2013.

The scope of this management system is defined at: Recruiting and providing outstaffing services from high-quality remote software developers Policy Statement Quality and Information Security

Quality policy

The quality policy of CC.Talent contains general objectives with regard to quality. Meeting the expectations of customers and relevant stakeholders and continuously improving the internal organization is central to this. This is done by:

  1. Develop a policy that is appropriate for the organization;
  2. Make this policy known within the organization;
  3. Promoting quality awareness among employees;
  4. Motivating employees, whereby involvement in improvement projects is stimulated;
  5. Facilitating training and/or education for employees
  6. To have regular consultations with customers about the requirements that must be imposed on the products and services to be delivered;
  7. Continuously strive to increase customer satisfaction;
  8. Comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  9. Maintain a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO-9001:2015 standard.

A combination of risk inventories, internal project evaluations, customer satisfaction analyzes and internal audits contribute to identifying possible improvements within the processes of our organization. By analyzing information and implementing improvements based on this information, a learning organization is created where continuous improvement based on the PDCA cycle is central.

The following responsibilities have been established for the purpose of quality policy:

The director chairs the management team and a quality officer has been appointed to maintain and improve the quality management system. The management, together with the quality officer, provides analyzes in the field of customer satisfaction, internal auditing and services, customer complaints, corrective and preventive measures. These analyzes take place at least annually prior to the management review. The results of this, as well as the adjustment of objectives, are recorded in minutes.

Management has the responsibilities and authority to ensure that the quality management system as described in the quality manual is implemented and continuously improved.

Each employee of CC.Talent has the responsibility and freedom to:

  • Recognize and report quality issues
  • Initiate, recommend or indicate solutions along existing hierarchical routes;
  • Check the implementation of the chosen solutions;
  • To identify deviations in the quality management system;
Information Security Policy

The purpose of Information Security is to ensure business continuity and minimize business damage by preventing and minimizing the impact of security incidents. In particular, information assets should be protected to ensure that:

  • Confidentiality, i.e. protection against unauthorized disclosure
  • Integrity, i.e. protection against unauthorized or accidental alteration
  • Availability where and when needed to achieve business objectives.

are secured through adequate preventive measures and processes and procedures in the event of security incidents.

The following responsibilities have been established for the purpose of information security:

  1. The management has approved this Information Security Policy;
  2. Day-to-day responsibility for and liaison with external organizations for legal compliance, including data protection, rests with the Information Security Manager;
  3. All employees or service providers on behalf of the organization have a duty to protect the assets, including sites, hardware, software, systems or information, in their care and to promptly report any suspected breach of security;
  4. Compliance with information security procedures as set out in the policies and guidelines is accepted as part of the standard operating procedures within the organization. Non-compliance will result in disciplinary action;
  5. All legal and regulatory requirements are met and regularly checked for changes;
  6. There is a business continuity plan. This is maintained, tested and regularly reviewed;
  7. This Information Security Policy is regularly reviewed and may be amended by the Information Security Manager to ensure continued viability, applicability and legal compliance and to continuously improve information security systems;
  8. The management ensures that the applicable laws and regulations are complied with and that continuous improvement is achieved within the organization by means of the Information Security Management System.

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